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Secure, anonymised ChatGPT in the classroom with Edupool AI

Now teachers can use ChatGPT safely and easily in their classes with Edupool.

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Key benefits

Data security

  • Teachers and learners can use the chatGPT AI anonymously.
  • No user data is transferred to openAI or chatGPT.
  • Data protection guidelines and DSGVO regulations are adhered to.
  • ChatGPT only recognises the use by 'Edupool'.

Teachers can easily control the access of their learners in their Edupool account.

Media centres can set up credits for their schools and teachers to provide AI access fairly and flexibly.

Core features

Edupool AI is an add-on to the Edupool accounts that teachers already use.
Integrated into the Edupool School administration for school boards and media centres.
Includes GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. There is no training of the language models with the data entered.
Chat history
The chat history is securely stored on the Edupool account of the account of the teacher and can be easily retrieved.
Class administration
Teachers can easily manage their students' access.

Fair price and transparent purchasing for our media centres

The costs are made up as follows:

  • 77% is used for the chatGPT service.
  • Only 23% is for the secure use with Edupool.

For all orders until the end of November 2023, there is an additional 10% prompt per teacher.

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For more information, contact:

Tanja Rehor
+49 431 61643